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Anybody out there?

Holy crap you guys! It's been 3 weeks since my last blog post and I'm practically in withdrawls. Of course 3 weeks is nothing, IRL. But in's kind of forever.

So how is everybody and what's new?? I have so much to catch up on!

And where have I been for the last 3 weeks you may ask?

Studying. Pretty much nonstop. Hello, boooring! Right? But seriously, my instructor's expectations are a little on the high side (he likes to encourage us with statements such as: "I'd put my 'A students' up against a UC Berkeley science major any day." To which I say, "Sweetie, if I had the mental aptitude to be a student at Cal, I'd be at Cal. Not the friggin JC. So take it easy.") Ha. At any event, blogging has had to take a serious backseat recently, as I'm working my butt off to maintain a High C/low B (yuck) and forming coherent sentences not related to Physiology is becoming really difficult. Since I figured you guys probably -going out on a limb here- probably have no interest in hearing about Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors or the subtleties of the Tyrosine-Kinase Mechanism (am I right?? Lol)...well, I figured I'd better just lay low for awhile. Midterms are officially complete (can I get a woot-woot!) and I can relax (sort of...until next week's quiz.)

All this is not to imply that I haven't had any fun recently. There was my beautiful cousin-in-law's bridal shower, where I got to guzzle delicately sip champagne punch and outfit my lovely sister-in-law in a fabulous toilet paper ensemble...that was a win.

And last week I went to my first ever pro football game. The Niners didn't play very well against New York (ok, so it was their worst game in 2 years...) but...I still love you Vernon Davis!!

Last but not least, yesterday I ran my very first half-marathon. So painful, and yet so amazingly awesomely fun! But more on that later. I want to know what's up with you guys!

School making anybody else crazy this semester?? Anybody having any fun? :-)

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  1. What are you going to school for? Nursing?


    Have a great day?



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