Reno 911

I've said on this blog a time or two that one of my goals for this year has been to run a half marathon. And as of this moment, well, it hasn't happened. You know how it is... work schedule, prior obligations and that whole wedding thing have managed to sort of get in the way of signing up. Or so I've told myself. The reality probably has more to do with the giant boulder little grain of self doubt...the voice at the back of my brain saying "you're not the greatest'll never keep up...everyone else is faster, better, more athletic..." Dumb, right? But I guess it goes back to the fear of failure I briefly mentioned here.

So at this point I haven't run my first half yet. Buuuuut, I did get to participate in the Santa Rosa Marathon last weekend...on a medical bike team. And since it turns out that marathoners are kind of badass -make that totally badass- there really wasn't much actual work involved. Instead, we spent the morning riding the entire course, plus a few extra miles, on our Trek mountain bikes with the super fly (haha) saddlebags full of medical gear. It felt a little Reno 911, but hey, easy overtime...right?

I know what you're thinking: that bike helmet and lapel mic are sooo sexy. So flattering. So...oh...that's not what you
were thinking?? Eh, it's ok. Dork-wear is a hazard of the job.
Aside from getting a fabulous workout, the experience of being at the marathon was pretty enlightening. I mean, it wasn't hundreds of the most elite athletes that showed up for this thing. (Although there were some...fastest marathon time: 2:40. So...yeah.) But there were literally people competing of every possible shape, size and fitness level. And age. At mile 17 we passed the absolute cutest little old man, who looked to be about 80 and was just chugging along. Put me to shame, I tell you! I mean, if an 80 year old can get out there and go for it, it kind of throws all the excuses my healthy 35 year old butt can make right out the window. Talk about a serious motivator!

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