Procrastinator? No...

It has been such a mellow weekend...lots of football watching (Go Niners!),
lounging around, shopping for Travis's upcoming birthday (dirty 30 baby!) and most importantly,
homework avoidance. Which I'm really, unfortunately going to have to remedy right now. Just as soon as I finish watching my last DVR'd episode of America's Next Top Model (Seriously Victoria? Glad you love your mom, but you crazy, girl.) Anyhoo, since I have some major studying to get done, I'm just
going to let a few ecards do the talking for me tonight...

Have a great Monday guys!!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA I am dying! The last two are hilarious! Seriously, why do people post about politics on Facebook? It just causes a fight with everyone involved and Fantasy Football is THE WORST! So happy my husband thinks so too, HA!

  2. I just love it when others post ecards, they are all hilarious! I can not stand it when others post about politics on FB, they just need annoying ;)

    p.s. cute blog!! love your profile pic, you are a beauty! new follower :)

  3. Oh, procrastination, my old friend/nemesis. I indulged in a spectacular fashion last week by happening across an interesting-looking blog and proceeding to read all four years' worth of archives. Filled in HOURS. Good luck with the study and thank you for your lovely comment!


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