Friday's Letters

Hello Sunshines! I'm back with my Friday's Letters this's been too long!

Dear Professor Anast: You really, really are an outstanding teacher and I do appreciate it. Thumbs up for that. But your detail-orientedness is...a little overwhelming. Secondary active transport of glucose from the kidney tubule? Beta oxidation of fatty acids to make Acetyl coA? I need a braincation.

Dear Hubby: Happy 30th birthday!! It's a big week for you. A milestone! That being said, no need to keep complaining about how "old" you are now, cause um...I'm still older...

Dear BestBuy: Speaking of Travis's birthday...and the pricey Bose speaker system I bought for a, really? Is there a reason it's covered in scratches, fingerprints and dirt?? If I wanted a gift that looked like it came out of someone's garage I would've gone to a garage sale. Right? You and I are going to talk. And by "talk" I mean you better not hassle me on the exchange. Lol

Dear ColdStone:Given how much I love my CHI ceramic flatiron, I don't say this lightly: your icecream cupcakes may be the greatest invention of all time. I love you. My hips hate you.

Dear Tough Mudder:Are you really only a week and a half away? I think I'm ready...although how does one ever really prepare for crawling through gravel, running up mountains and swimming in snow-melt?? Guess I'd better put down those icecream cupcakes....

Dear Readers:You guys are awesome! Like the besty-best of all time. Thank you for taking the time to write your sweet comments on posts...and I love it when you guys leave me links to check out your fabulous blogs!

Happy Friday!
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  1. My hubby is doing the Tough Mudder too!! Whoo girl I admire you! Good luck!! And those Cold Stone cupcakes are like crack. I have to stay far away! :)

  2. I have heard about those "Tough Mudders" friend lost a contact, scratched his cornea, and signed up for another one the next day. HA! Found you via the linkup!! Newest follower...please stop by my blog if you want :)

  3. Love your letters. Happy Birthday to your husband! :)


  4. I just got done with a mud run here in Colorado! So much fun! can't wait to read all about it!

  5. Just discovered your blog and I love it, I'm your newest follower! These letters are such a good idea and so entertaining to read!

    x Ellie


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