My phone thinks I'm ugly...

Hey there Sugarpuffs! I hope you've all been enjoying yourselves and making the most of these last days few days of summer!

Here's what I really want to know right now: is anybody else watching Bachelor Pad as annoyed by Sara's freaky facial expressions as I am? I seriously can't listen to a word she says...too busy watching her lips do that weird, distracting thing. What is that??


I finally made it into the Verizon store this past weekend to trade in my 2 year old HTC Droid not-so-Incredible for a phone that doesn't require a daily reset and doesn't send my girlfriends embarrasing 'honeybun' texts meant for my husband. (Yes, I know what you're thinking, but that's actually one of his less embarrasing Anyhoo, I assumed I'd be walking out with an iPhone, because really, what else is there these days? 'What else' is the Samsung Galaxy apparently, which I fell for after playing around with it for awhile. I was excited to get it home and set up the facial recognition lock, which I did immediately. The next morning, I picked up my phone, smiled at the camera, and got this message in red across the screen: "Sorry, I don't recognize you." I tried 5 or 6 more times. D*mn thing didn't work until I had finally finished getting ready for the day, mascara'd, blush'd and what-not. Really Galaxy? You don't recognize me without my makeup on?? Fail.


A week and a half into the semester, school is in full swing. Since I'm working on my nursing prerequisites, most of my classes over the last couple years have been sciences geared toward health-care professions: Biology, Microbiology, get the idea. While there have been plenty of nice, normal people in these classes, I've also noticed a few consistent "types" showing up...maybe you've met one or two?

The Sheldon (Big Bang Theory): He's smarter than you, and he really wants you to know it!  He takes 6 unit courses for "fun," enjoys totally inappropriate arguing debating with the instructors, and answers simple questions with statements that may or may not require translation into common English. May be limited to one per class. If you're lucky.


The Bachelorettes (The Bachelor): Making the grade is secondary to finding a man. Priorities, you know?
Not going to lie...I may or may not have started my school career as a Bachelorette.

The Dharmas (Dharma and Greg): Generally attend class in full yoga attire; may be carrying a hemp bag or Kambucha in a BPA-free recycled water bottle. It's all about the love, man.

The Hermiones (Harry Potter): Pick me, pick me! Frantic hand waving ensues each time the class is asked a question. They literally can't help themselves, and may frequently stop the instructor mid-sentence to ask for "clarification" or share a "personal story." Which may incite eye-rolling and frustrated sighs from the rest of the class.

The Reginas (Mean Girls): If you've ever gone to any school anywhere, then you know the type. Overheard on the first day of class: "So, she was always wearing these short-shorts and crop tops? So, like, of course she got raped! Duh, what did she think was going to happen?"  Whoa there, Mean Girl.

Have you gone to school with any of these "types?"


  1. Say what, your phone has a facial recognizer?! Too cool! I can't believe it didn't recognize you without makeup! lol

  2. Oh man, I didn't even know there was such a thing as phones that recognized their owners by face! Apparently, they still aren't nearly as smart as people, though!


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