Horizontally Challenged

Do you ever feel like the whole world is moving on to polka dots
 while you're still totally stuck on stripes?


Maybe it's just me...and no, this isn't a metaphor for life, although I suppose it could be. I really am just obsessed with horizontal lines in all widths and colors. This "phase" started about 2 years ago with a navy and white tank I found at American Eagle and it's only gotten worse in the intervening months. A couple weeks ago, as I wandered around Forever 21 looking for some last minute stripes to sneak into my honeymoon suitcase, I noticed something: my beloved lines are in decline and spots are taking over.

What about you? Polka dots, stripes or over it?

Striped Tee: Kohls, Striped Skirt: F21, Striped Tank: Express


  1. I like both stripes and polka dots. Stripes are not good for a plus size woman like me.

  2. Hi! Started off by reading your Friday Letters and read on to this and I feel the same!! I like polka dots and bought some things...but I love my stripes!!! especially your middle picture!! New follower from the friday letters :)


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