flying {Maui part 2}


The one thing I was absolutely set on during our trip was wanting to see the sunrise from the top of Haleakala (a volcano recently placed back on the "active" list) even though it meant leaving the hotel at the seriously ungodly hour of 2am. At 10,023 feet we were above the clouds and the view was spectacular. I wasn't quite prepared for how cold it was though -somewhere in the neighborhood of freezing- and my hands were shaking so much that it was tough to snap pictures!

And then of course, once the sun was up, how else to get back down to sea-level but mountain bikes?? It was an exhilarating ride - a little like flying...

1. Dressed up like 12 y/o BMXers 2. Clydesdales! 3.&4. Best pastry shop ever...


  1. All this looks so awesome! I'm glad you got to have this trip :)

  2. I loved my trip when I went there :) It was amazing to say the least! Love your pictures!


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