...you don't need no teeth!

I feel so lucky to live in an area chock full of awesome-sauce dining: everything from amazing, authentic taquerias to classy boutique restaurants. Case in point: happy hour today with the girls at Stark's Steak House...delish! One thing we have been seriously missing though, is real, honest-to-goodness BBQ.

Until a few weeks ago, that is. Finally, Santa Rosa, finally!!

Now, I'm not talkin about anything fancy. But suddenly this trailer showed up downtown last month, with one lone guy making, literally, the best ribs I've had in my life. In fact, his slogan is "Ribs so tender, you don't need no teeth!" He's not kidding. The meat was just falling off the bone and I actually had to use a fork.

Will you look at that? Heaven! Do you have good BBQ in your town?


Saturday was my honorary niece's (bff's daughter) 1st birthday!

Pretty little peanut! I can't believe it's been a year already--she's growing up so fast!

She was so delicate with her cake, gingerly dabbing off tiny bits of frosting with one chubby finger while the paparazzi...uh...friends and family went a little wild taking pictures. As soon as we set our cameras down, she lost all hesitation and went for it: face first into sugar heaven. Not that I blame her. If it was socially acceptable at my age I'd probably smash my face in a brown-sugar cake too. I'm only sorry I didn't get a snapshot! Incidentally, will you look at the candy bar my bestie put together? Mmmmm....

Happy 1st Birthday Abby Elizabeth! We love you!


  1. Found you via Life of Bon! I *love* some ribs when they are cooked right. But you know, I can equally hate them when they aren't. Ugh!!
    Glad to have found you!!

  2. Thanks Jonna! Glad you stopped by-nice to meet you! :-) jenn


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