Talking Bears and Men in Wigs

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Well first of all, happy 4th guys! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves today and soaking up the sunshine! So, granted, Wednesday is kind of a weird day to post a weekend recap. But I'm a rebel I tell you! I make my own rules! So, here we go... Have you seen TED yet?

Travis and I crammed into a packed theatre to see it on Saturday night. My take:
Marky Mark + the adorable Mila Kunis + a potty-mouthed teddy bear = basically, a win. Even with one too many fart jokes for my taste, I was fully entertained.

Sunday we attended a benefit for one of my favorite fire captains, who recently suffered a severe stroke. The turnout for the event was great-over 500 tickets sold. We're all rooting for you Steve!

I took a camera, which of course never made it out of my purse. So, I will rely on google images to give you a recap of the day. First of all there was a lot of this:

a "charity bar" is the best ever reason for over-indulging....right? Then there was some of this:

Grown men in wigs singing covers of Jessie's Girl and Don't Stop Believin. I know, I know...but it was a lot better than it sounds.

Lastly, there was plenty of this:

Not the 90's sitcom kind, but the real life dancing on chairs kind. (You know who you are!)

Don't you love summer weekends?


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