Reality Obsession Confession

As you read this I am hopefully sitting with Travis on a gloriously warm, sandy beach in Maui... sipping fruity, umbrella-embellished beverages (how's that for a mouthful??) and completely forgetting about regular life: work, bills, The Bachelorette. Oh no, The Bachelorette! Did I really book our honeymoon during the biggest season finale of my favorite reality show ever?? I mean, you can travel anytime, but shows like this only happen once in a girl's life! Right?? Who's with me?! *crickets*  Ok, so maybe I got that one backwards.  But I'm going to rely on all you other reality-obsessed bloggers out there to give me the scoop on this one. Because while I may be suckered into perfectly able to give up TV for 8 way will I be able to resist checking in on my favorite blogs! I'm counting on you girls! And since this is an uber short post, I'm leaving you with a few laughs and a reminder to go on over enter my Murad Giveaway! It's not too late! :-)


  1. I love that am I skinny yet card!! I feel that way all I eat ice cream:)

  2. Oh my gosh these cracked me up! and I totally know what you mean by the and I skinny yet one... hasn't every girl said this?! hahaha

    Oh and I have been having problems with my google account, but it let me follow your blog via twitter through your GFC, who knew you could even do that?!


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