Purple Jeans on an Awkward Monday

Monday, monday....I don't even know what song that is, but the tune and the two words I actually know are seriously stuck in my head right now!

Yesterday I worked a 13 hr overtime shift. That might sound pretty bad, but honestly, manning (woman-ing?) a first-aid booth at the county fair handing out band-aids, ibuprofen and the occasional tampon -yes, people actually come to first aid for that- is just about the easiest gig ever (aside from those highway patrol guys that sit at the construction zones watching DVDs. That is some seriously cush OT.)

But as easy as work was yesterday, it was still work and today I was looking forward to a heavy dose of  relaxing: lounging around in my "comfy pants," (aka flannel pj bottoms) catching up on blogging and Bachelor Pad. But midway through the morning I suddenly realized: I still haven't gone down to the DMV to do that whole marriage-name-change thing! Oops! But here's the thing: new license equals new picture. Eek! Obviously the unwashed hair, no-makeup look is not okay for a picture you are going to be forced to pull out and show random people for the next four to eight years. So...I immediately got down to business, setting my hair in velcro rollers, doing "fancy" makeup...and yeah...I do hate myself a little bit for being that girl. But let's be honest: I'm the most terribly awkward picture taker out there, with some of the worst facial expressions. Ever. I know I've said that before, but today we're getting real with...

The Awkward Photo Montage

See? I need all the help I can get. Anyhoo, once I was properly primped and prepped I rounded up every piece of paperwork the DMV could possibly ask for, grabbed my checkbook and a People magazine and popped a couple Excedrin to stave off the inevitable DMV headache. I ventured out into the comfortable (haha) 97 degree heat and made the drive down in record time. I strolled in, so confident with my extra-voluminous hair and my purse full of preparation only to be told, "I'm sorry ma'am, the computer system is down. You'll have to come back tomorrow." Or not. Since I have that silly little obligation called a job. Grrr. Stupid DMV. Well, I didn't see any point in wasting a drive into town and a full face of makeup, and since Target was within spitting distance I figured that was just the balm my frustrated soul needed. And that instinct proved correct folks, since I found the absolute awesomest pair of violet jeans just screaming my name. Score! Go Target! Any of you guys out there own a pair of purple jeans? What in the world do you wear those babies with??

I decided to join in with a new link-up today (love these things...I may need an intervention soon!) with The Life of a Not So Ordinary Life. I'm excited, because I know I'm going to find some new blogs to fall in love with! Go on over and check it out! And if you haven't done it yet, there's still a little time to enter my skincare giveaway, just click here!



  1. Hey there, new follower from the blog hop...love our blog name and the goof faces are the best!! My DMV picture however...I look like I'm vomitting. NO lie...I look like I'm about to upchuck. The lady behind the camera said I looked fine. Apparently vomit-face is how I looked when I was standing in line?

    It's terrible. Just terrible.

    Nice to meet you!



  2. Hi there! I found you over at the blog hop too :) And like Lauren said, it was your name that sucked me in at first. Fabulous.
    I had to go to the DMV also, just about a week and a half ago. Still haven't gotten my new license in the mail yet, so NO IEDA how terrible the photo is, but I know it's got to be pretty bad. Darnit. I liked my old one well enough (of course I was still 19 years old when they took that photo, so what's not to like? LOL!)
    Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading through more of your posts!

  3. First aid for a tampon?! Seriously? That's crazy. I'm still giggling about that one. Love the photo montage too. I don't know why every official office ever needed has opening hours which only seem to suit those that work there. Humph.

    Glad I hopped over from Melissa's. I'm a new follower.



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