Friday's Letters & A Giveaway

Once again it's the best day of the week, and that means it's time to link up with Ashley for...

(And check out my Giveaway below cause I'm all kinds of excited about it!)

Dear Blogger: Thank you so much for reverting my entire post to the original draft and deleting all my revisions and html code. That was so....nice of you. And thank you for letting me notice only after I hit "publish." Grrr. Has that ever happened to any of you??

Dear Dishwasher: After years of living in various apartments and doing my own dishes (I know, I know...the horror!) I was so excited when we bought our house and *you* were a part of it. Maybe I have started to take you for granted lately. Maybe I did buy you that cheap Walmart dish soap that one time. I admit it-I was wrong! Please, please don't quit on me now!

Dear Microwave: Don't. Even. Think about it.

Dear Forever 21 Cashier: I appreciate your concern, but yes, I understand that jewelry is "final sale." I'm a gamblin woman, and that $1.50 was burning a hole in my pocket anyway!

Dear Hubby: Hooray! We're finally leaving for our honeymoon! I. Am. So. Excited!! Maui here we come!

Dear Travel Gods: You know I kinda hate flying, so pretty please no turbulence today!!

Dear Readers: This week I hit 50 followers on GFC! I know that's super small-time in the world of big-time bloggers, but hey, I am THRILLED super chill about it like, whatevs. Haha, yeah right! I say, let's celebrate with a giveaway! Woot! I want to share with one of you lucky ladies (or gentlemen!) my very favorite summer-time skin care goodies: Murad's Sun Undone Radiance Renewal kit. You guys, I've been using these products every day and I love them! If you happen to be a sun-junkie like moi, or just want a brighter and generally lovlier complexion, then get your buns down to my Rafflecopter! The 4 pc skin care kit contains Murad's Essential-C Cleanser, Active Radiance Serum, Essential-C Day Moisture with SPF 30 and Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel. You will love it, it is A-Mazing! Get 'er done!

Aloha and Happy Friday!

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  1. Maui... have fun!!! We are thinking about going there in September or January. Can't wait to hear your stories and see your pictures!

  2. Have so much fun on your honeymoon! You are one lucky girl. Hawaii is on my bucket list.

  3. I'm not a flying either, but the view from above coming in is BEAUTIFUL!! I hope y'all have a great time!!

  4. Yeahh for reaching 50! Congratulations!! What a great excuse for a sweet giveaway :)

  5. Have fun in Maui! So jealous!

  6. Having a dishwasher changed my life...My husband said it saved our marriage- haha :)

  7. loved your letter to forever 21 - too funny! have so much fun in maui! that is where my husband and I went!

  8. I am obsessed with Maui. You are going to have a fabulous time there and the weather will be perfect:)
    Congrats on reaching 50, count me as the newest member of the pack!

  9. Have a great honeymoon & congratulations on hitting 50 followers!
    Futures: Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion


  10. Blogger did that to me the other day :/ so frustrating!


  11. i'm a new follower!! can't wait to read more!

  12. Stopping by from the link up. Your trip sounds amazing! My hubby and I are going to Oahu in the end of August, can't wait to see your pictures!

  13. Maui sounds amazing. We hope to get there some day. Have a fabulous trip!!

  14. Maui is amazing you will love it :) I just found your blog & I cannot wait to read more I am now following you! I hope you & your hubby have a blast!

  15. Have fun in MAUI! I'm not jealous at all.

    Also loved your line I am THRILLED, super chill about it like whatevs. Too funny. I don't care who you are, every blogger gets excited when they see a new follower! :)

  16. hi, this is a great giveaway, would like to try this brand, and i do hope the giveaway is international.
    Radmila from Ukraine,

  17. I follow via GFC :)
    Thanks for the chance


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