Do over + Our Reception/Vegas part IV

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Does your internal calender ever get a little off kilter?

Mine does, apparently.
I fully and irrationally thought -all evidence to the contrary- that yesterday was Wednesday. Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to discover that -guess what?- it's Wednesday. Again. Ah, well...after the initial period of disgruntled-ness, I decided to make the best of it and have a do-over of sorts. First off, I dragged my butt out of bed and actually went for a run rather than having another lovely sleep-in. Anyone else love their bed as much as I do? Today was an "easy" run day: 2.5 miles. If I'm being completely honest here, no run is ever particularly "easy" when you feel puffed up bigger than a float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...but hey, I survived. I'm also planning to make better food choices today. I literally devoured an enormous tostada last night in the time it took my ambulance partner to eat a handfull of nachos. I swear PMS turns me into a ravening (is that a word??) wolf. I pretty much want to eat everything in sight. Got anything in your fridge??

I kid.
Kind of.
And now, for the continuing saga of our Vegas Wedding...
(Sorry, I'm feeling a little dramatic! I might even have sung that out loud. Lucky you, for not having to hear that!)


Following the wedding ceremony we were all ready to unwind! We started with a
champagne reception up in the suite...

T's cousin Jaime

Love these girls! Erin, Debbi, Erin & Chris

Surveying our kingdom...or, you know, looking at the Excalibur...

After a few good toasts it was time for our dinner party at Nobhill Tavern. If you have any plans to visit Vegas, I highly recommend Nobhill. After having had no appetite all day from sheer nervousness, I was ready to get my eat on! The food was soooo good (green chile polenta: A.Mazing.) the service was just about perfect and the staff was so easy to work with.

Personalized menus were a sweet touch...

Chris & her handsome hubby


"Little" Brother & girlfriend Drea

The reception menu finished with a tasty wedding cake, which Travis very sweetly refrained from smashing in my face...

I wasn't quite as nice....

And then it was on to Rouge for the after party...


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