Purple Jeans on an Awkward Monday

Monday, monday....I don't even know what song that is, but the tune and the two words I actually know are seriously stuck in my head right now!

Yesterday I worked a 13 hr overtime shift. That might sound pretty bad, but honestly, manning (woman-ing?) a first-aid booth at the county fair handing out band-aids, ibuprofen and the occasional tampon -yes, people actually come to first aid for that- is just about the easiest gig ever (aside from those highway patrol guys that sit at the construction zones watching DVDs. That is some seriously cush OT.)

But as easy as work was yesterday, it was still work and today I was looking forward to a heavy dose of  relaxing: lounging around in my "comfy pants," (aka flannel pj bottoms) catching up on blogging and Bachelor Pad. But midway through the morning I suddenly realized: I still haven't gone down to the DMV to do that whole marriage-name-change thing! Oops! But here's the thing: new license equals new picture. Eek! Obviously the unwashed hair, no-makeup look is not okay for a picture you are going to be forced to pull out and show random people for the next four to eight years. So...I immediately got down to business, setting my hair in velcro rollers, doing "fancy" makeup...and yeah...I do hate myself a little bit for being that girl. But let's be honest: I'm the most terribly awkward picture taker out there, with some of the worst facial expressions. Ever. I know I've said that before, but today we're getting real with...

The Awkward Photo Montage

See? I need all the help I can get. Anyhoo, once I was properly primped and prepped I rounded up every piece of paperwork the DMV could possibly ask for, grabbed my checkbook and a People magazine and popped a couple Excedrin to stave off the inevitable DMV headache. I ventured out into the comfortable (haha) 97 degree heat and made the drive down in record time. I strolled in, so confident with my extra-voluminous hair and my purse full of preparation only to be told, "I'm sorry ma'am, the computer system is down. You'll have to come back tomorrow." Or not. Since I have that silly little obligation called a job. Grrr. Stupid DMV. Well, I didn't see any point in wasting a drive into town and a full face of makeup, and since Target was within spitting distance I figured that was just the balm my frustrated soul needed. And that instinct proved correct folks, since I found the absolute awesomest pair of violet jeans just screaming my name. Score! Go Target! Any of you guys out there own a pair of purple jeans? What in the world do you wear those babies with??

I decided to join in with a new link-up today (love these things...I may need an intervention soon!) with The Life of a Not So Ordinary Life. I'm excited, because I know I'm going to find some new blogs to fall in love with! Go on over and check it out! And if you haven't done it yet, there's still a little time to enter my skincare giveaway, just click here!


Friday's Letters: The Saturday Edition

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Well, I'm sure late to the party this week aren't I?? But if any of you out there have tried blogging from a really crappy Android phone...well then you probably understand why I had to wait till I could get to my lap top today (insert cranky face) to finish this post! How fast this week has gone! Vacation days always have a way of flying by, don't they? I sure wish my work weeks passed that quickly. In any event, it's time to link up with the lovely Ashley for...


The Saturday Edition

Dear Maui: So sad to be saying goodbye to you today! You. Are. Epic. Literally, one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Promise we'll visit again soon!

Dear Rented Jeep: We had crazy amounts of fun driving you all over the island with your top down, exploring the coastline and the infamous Road to Hana. Too bad when we got caught in that tropical downpour your top refused to go up! That was an adventure for sure!

Dear Hyatt: You were nice enough (definite cool points for having flamingos and penguins!) but $15 for a Mai Tai? $40 to rent a couple beach chairs? A $700 deposit for incidentals?? Just what kind of "incidents" were you expecting me to have? Good grief! Good thing I have some extra shifts coming up!

Dear Beaches: Amazing! Gorgeous! Love you..and I'm pretty sure I'm taking a small island's worth of you home with me in my fave bikini!

Dear Home: Please be sunny and warm when we get there so we don't feel too let down!

Dear Hubby: We had so many awesome adventures this week! Thank you for the best honeymoon ever. Ever! Love you x a million!

**There's still a couple days left to enter my Murad giveaway...check it out! And have a fabulous weekend all!**

Reality Obsession Confession

As you read this I am hopefully sitting with Travis on a gloriously warm, sandy beach in Maui... sipping fruity, umbrella-embellished beverages (how's that for a mouthful??) and completely forgetting about regular life: work, bills, The Bachelorette. Oh no, The Bachelorette! Did I really book our honeymoon during the biggest season finale of my favorite reality show ever?? I mean, you can travel anytime, but shows like this only happen once in a girl's life! Right?? Who's with me?! *crickets*  Ok, so maybe I got that one backwards.  But I'm going to rely on all you other reality-obsessed bloggers out there to give me the scoop on this one. Because while I may be suckered into perfectly able to give up TV for 8 days...no way will I be able to resist checking in on my favorite blogs! I'm counting on you girls! And since this is an uber short post, I'm leaving you with a few laughs and a reminder to go on over enter my Murad Giveaway! It's not too late! :-)

Friday's Letters & A Giveaway

Once again it's the best day of the week, and that means it's time to link up with Ashley for...

(And check out my Giveaway below cause I'm all kinds of excited about it!)

Dear Blogger: Thank you so much for reverting my entire post to the original draft and deleting all my revisions and html code. That was so....nice of you. And thank you for letting me notice only after I hit "publish." Grrr. Has that ever happened to any of you??

Dear Dishwasher: After years of living in various apartments and doing my own dishes (I know, I know...the horror!) I was so excited when we bought our house and *you* were a part of it. Maybe I have started to take you for granted lately. Maybe I did buy you that cheap Walmart dish soap that one time. I admit it-I was wrong! Please, please don't quit on me now!

Dear Microwave: Don't. Even. Think about it.

Dear Forever 21 Cashier: I appreciate your concern, but yes, I understand that jewelry is "final sale." I'm a gamblin woman, and that $1.50 was burning a hole in my pocket anyway!

Dear Hubby: Hooray! We're finally leaving for our honeymoon! I. Am. So. Excited!! Maui here we come!

Dear Travel Gods: You know I kinda hate flying, so pretty please no turbulence today!!

Dear Readers: This week I hit 50 followers on GFC! I know that's super small-time in the world of big-time bloggers, but hey, I am THRILLED super chill about it like, whatevs. Haha, yeah right! I say, let's celebrate with a giveaway! Woot! I want to share with one of you lucky ladies (or gentlemen!) my very favorite summer-time skin care goodies: Murad's Sun Undone Radiance Renewal kit. You guys, I've been using these products every day and I love them! If you happen to be a sun-junkie like moi, or just want a brighter and generally lovlier complexion, then get your buns down to my Rafflecopter! The 4 pc skin care kit contains Murad's Essential-C Cleanser, Active Radiance Serum, Essential-C Day Moisture with SPF 30 and Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel. You will love it, it is A-Mazing! Get 'er done!

Aloha and Happy Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Me, Myself & I

This week I'm joining in a fun new link-up with Breanna @ My Beautiful Crazy Life called

Me, Myself & I

1. What is your biggest phobia? Oh, ew...spiders, for sure. So much so, that I don't even particularly like talking about it...but, **funny story** I got home from work late one night when I was living alone. As soon I flipped on the entry-way light I saw it: a huge -huge I tell you!- wolf spider reared back on its hind legs all aggressive-like. It was so big and creepy my dogs just watched from a safe distance...wouldn't even get involved. (Jerks, aren't you supposed to be protecting me??) Well, I ran for the can of Raid I keep under the kitchen sink, because are you kidding? No way was I going after that beast with a tissue. And OMG...the Raid was empty. Empty! So I grabbed Windex. Lysol. A bottle of tire shine. (Yeah, I know that's not a normal under-the-sink item but anyway.)  I let him have it...gave that wolf spider a good cleaning. Shined him up real nice. And he would not die. He would not even acknowledge my vain attempts to best him until at last I was forced to bring out the Big Gun: Resolve Upholstery Cleaner. Yes ma'am, that one did the trick, and my enemy finally curled up in surrender! And then in the midst of gloating over my victory I realized: my overzealous use of upholstery cleaner as a weapon had completely stripped the stain off my oak entertainment center. Ah well, can't win em all.

See what I was up against?? VIA

On closer inspection...I was scared of that? He looks like a
walrus!  VIA

2. If you could relive any day of your life, what would it be and why? Tough one! There are a few days I'd love to live over for sheer happiness. But if I absolutely had to choose one, I think I'd be about four or five years old, spending the day with Grandma (miss that lady--she passed away a few years ago) She'd make me her famous chicken noodle soup (and force me to wear a giant plastic ducky bib while eating it, but that's ok...lol) we'd play outside with her Brittany Spaniel Suzy Q, walk to the park, get icecream from the icecream truck...looking back I appreciate the time I spent with my Grandmother so much!


3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be and why? I never thought I'd say this, because frankly, turning 30 was traumatic...but in retrospect it's a pretty awesome age: old enough to know who you are and what you want but young enough to rock your curves and (nearly) wrinkle-free skin. If I could turn the clock back a couple years and stop it, I totally would!

4. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? Ha! I've been told a couple of times that I looked like Sarah Michelle Gellar (Who I totally adore, btw! Can't wait for season 2 of Ringer...) but those were on very, very good days. Generally I'm completely un-celebrity-like. I just look like...me!

5. What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life? Starting when I was 12 years old and became obsessed with Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step," (Don't judge...I was twelve...lol) music has seen me through the highest highs and the lowest lows. It's almost impossible to narrow it down! My soundtrack would include pretty much every song by Social Distortion and country singer Wade Bowen, plus a few like Trust Company's "Stronger," Shinedown "I Dare You," "Cool" by Gwen Stefani and right now? "Lucky" by Jason Mraz.

Thanks for stopping by! Now go on over and link up!

Cheesy Grits & Vegas Conclusion

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Ah, Monday. It's the last day of the weekend for me, since my work week starts on Tuesday. And I have big plans for today. Big. They include laying out in the sun, catching up on my reality TV, and getting my cook on. Incidentally, if you've never visited The Pioneer Woman's website and collection of amazing recipes, I highly recommend you do so right this minute (or as soon as you check out my pics below!) Pork Chops with Apples and Creamy Bacon Cheese Grits?? Yes, please! And just so I don't sound like a complete lazy-pants, which I am, you should know that I did do a 5 mile trail run this morning. (Which makes me feel slightly less guilty about all the taste-testing I'm going to be doing on those cheesy grits later...)

On that note, I figure it's about time to wrap up my series of wedding posts...especially since we leave for our honeymoon in approximately 91 hours. (But who's counting? Lol) After our dinner reception at Nobhill Tavern, we moved on to Rouge Piano Bar for a little after-party. I might as well let the pictures do the talking! Get ready for Nikon overload...


Friday's Letters

T.G.I.F.! Time to link up with Ashley @ Adventures of Newleyweds  for...

Friday's Letters!

Dear School: In 4 short weeks we'll be spending lots of time together again. And while I'm thrilled to have gotten the class I need this semester, I have a sneaking feeling that Physiology will not be my best subject. So go easy on me, ok? Maybe we can even skip that whole cellular respiration thing??

Dear Facebook Friends: You know that I love you. And I know and fully appreciate that you *love* your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/dog. But do you have to status about it every 5 minutes? Maybe you could just shoot 'em a text??  #stopwiththeoversharing #imblockingyourupdates.

Dear Summer: I adore you, your long days and your 90 degree weather. Stay forever?? We don't need no stinkin' winter!

Dear P90x: You really kicked my butt...and abs...and inner thighs this week. Kudos to you. But next week I plan on kicking your butt. So get ready!

Dear Readers: Thanks for making this whole blogging thing so much fun! Happy Friday and hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Do over + Our Reception/Vegas part IV

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Does your internal calender ever get a little off kilter?

Mine does, apparently.
I fully and irrationally thought -all evidence to the contrary- that yesterday was Wednesday. Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to discover that -guess what?- it's Wednesday. Again. Ah, well...after the initial period of disgruntled-ness, I decided to make the best of it and have a do-over of sorts. First off, I dragged my butt out of bed and actually went for a run rather than having another lovely sleep-in. Anyone else love their bed as much as I do? Today was an "easy" run day: 2.5 miles. If I'm being completely honest here, no run is ever particularly "easy" when you feel puffed up bigger than a float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...but hey, I survived. I'm also planning to make better food choices today. I literally devoured an enormous tostada last night in the time it took my ambulance partner to eat a handfull of nachos. I swear PMS turns me into a ravening (is that a word??) wolf. I pretty much want to eat everything in sight. Got anything in your fridge??

I kid.
Kind of.
And now, for the continuing saga of our Vegas Wedding...
(Sorry, I'm feeling a little dramatic! I might even have sung that out loud. Lucky you, for not having to hear that!)


Following the wedding ceremony we were all ready to unwind! We started with a
champagne reception up in the suite...

T's cousin Jaime

Love these girls! Erin, Debbi, Erin & Chris

Surveying our kingdom...or, you know, looking at the Excalibur...

After a few good toasts it was time for our dinner party at Nobhill Tavern. If you have any plans to visit Vegas, I highly recommend Nobhill. After having had no appetite all day from sheer nervousness, I was ready to get my eat on! The food was soooo good (green chile polenta: A.Mazing.) the service was just about perfect and the staff was so easy to work with.

Personalized menus were a sweet touch...

Chris & her handsome hubby


"Little" Brother & girlfriend Drea

The reception menu finished with a tasty wedding cake, which Travis very sweetly refrained from smashing in my face...

I wasn't quite as nice....

And then it was on to Rouge for the after party...

...you don't need no teeth!

I feel so lucky to live in an area chock full of awesome-sauce dining: everything from amazing, authentic taquerias to classy boutique restaurants. Case in point: happy hour today with the girls at Stark's Steak House...delish! One thing we have been seriously missing though, is real, honest-to-goodness BBQ.

Until a few weeks ago, that is. Finally, Santa Rosa, finally!!

Now, I'm not talkin about anything fancy. But suddenly this trailer showed up downtown last month, with one lone guy making, literally, the best ribs I've had in my life. In fact, his slogan is "Ribs so tender, you don't need no teeth!" He's not kidding. The meat was just falling off the bone and I actually had to use a fork.

Will you look at that? Heaven! Do you have good BBQ in your town?


Saturday was my honorary niece's (bff's daughter) 1st birthday!

Pretty little peanut! I can't believe it's been a year already--she's growing up so fast!

She was so delicate with her cake, gingerly dabbing off tiny bits of frosting with one chubby finger while the paparazzi...uh...friends and family went a little wild taking pictures. As soon as we set our cameras down, she lost all hesitation and went for it: face first into sugar heaven. Not that I blame her. If it was socially acceptable at my age I'd probably smash my face in a brown-sugar cake too. I'm only sorry I didn't get a snapshot! Incidentally, will you look at the candy bar my bestie put together? Mmmmm....

Happy 1st Birthday Abby Elizabeth! We love you!

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday all! It's time to link up with Ashley @ Adventures of Newlyweds for...

 Friday's Letters!

Dear Little Brother: Holy crap! Did you really turn 31 this week?? I might need to find you a new nickname....nah....Happy Birthday "Little!"

Dear Independence Day: You were a little disappointing this year, mainly because I had to work, and miss all the fun fireworks and adult beverages. (And by "work" I mean I sat in the ambulance for 12 hours waiting for someone ((anyone??)) to have an emergency. It was a long wait.)

Dear Servicemen and women: Thank you for your countless sacrifices, without which I would not have the freedom to choose how I spend my holidays.

Dear Highway Patrol: Thanks for going easy on me the other night and letting me off with a warning to "Slow down, Nascar!" I'll try, but I may actually need surgery to remove the lead from my foot.

Dear Mailman: I'm not sure what I did to make you hate me (besides only remembering to empty the mailbox like, once a week) but please stop giving my Sephora and Victoria's Secret catalogs to the neighbor. That's just mean.

Dear Hubby: Major points this week for spending an entire hour with acetone and cottonballs helping me take out my extensions one strand at a time. That was above and beyond. I mean, I pretty much feel bald and downright unattractive now. But still, major, major husband points.


Talking Bears and Men in Wigs

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Well first of all, happy 4th guys! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves today and soaking up the sunshine! So, granted, Wednesday is kind of a weird day to post a weekend recap. But I'm a rebel I tell you! I make my own rules! So, here we go... Have you seen TED yet?

Travis and I crammed into a packed theatre to see it on Saturday night. My take:
Marky Mark + the adorable Mila Kunis + a potty-mouthed teddy bear = basically, a win. Even with one too many fart jokes for my taste, I was fully entertained.

Sunday we attended a benefit for one of my favorite fire captains, who recently suffered a severe stroke. The turnout for the event was great-over 500 tickets sold. We're all rooting for you Steve!

I took a camera, which of course never made it out of my purse. So, I will rely on google images to give you a recap of the day. First of all there was a lot of this:

a "charity bar" is the best ever reason for over-indulging....right? Then there was some of this:

Grown men in wigs singing covers of Jessie's Girl and Don't Stop Believin. I know, I know...but it was a lot better than it sounds.

Lastly, there was plenty of this:

Not the 90's sitcom kind, but the real life dancing on chairs kind. (You know who you are!)

Don't you love summer weekends?

Maxis and the War on Umbrella Sedge

My backyard is a battlezone and plants are dying. Seriously, you guys. I'm doing my best to remember to water my flowers more than once a week, but with my black thumb, that's a challenge. To make matters worse there's an evil villain attempting a hostile takeover. I'm talking about...dun dun dunnn...umbrella sedge.

Ugh. I shudder to look at it. Home Depot sells the stuff, so apparently some people actually like it and plant it on purpose. But ours showed up unannounced and univited and somehow managed to get around the backyard quicker than Lindsey Lohan at an open bar. (Sorry L, I loved you in Mean Girls...)
I am officially declaring war.
On the sedge, not on Lindsey.

In other news,
I've been seeing the cutest maxi dresses all over the stores and blogs recently! Being a not-exactly-towering 5 foot nothin', I've been completely avoiding a little hesitant to give this trend a go. Julie (a phenomenal blogger and fellow shorty) from The Funny Thing of It Is featured an adorable printed maxi on her blog a couple weeks ago, and suggested I might find something at Forever 21. (Insert forehead slap here) Hello, why didn't I think of that?? So, off to F21 where I found a simple ruffled, strapless number in navy that I had all kinds of fun playing dress-up with. Yes, it smacks of prom chic, circa 1974. But nevermind that! It's comfy! And fun! And the moral of the story is, you don't have to be Gisele Bundchen to get your maxi on!
Cardi: F21, Necklace: FiveTenFifteen

Cuff: H&M, Sandals: Old Navy, Chains: various...
Button up: H&M, Earrings: F21, Sandals:Tommy Hilfiger/Marshalls

Do you maxi?
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