Cheers!/Vegas Part II

Friday in Vegas was a balmy 108 degrees. My mother-in-law rented a pool cabana (complete with cabana boy, yow!) for an entire day of sun, relaxation and...jello shots, of course! While Travis golfed I had a chance to visit with all the friends and family that were starting to arrive. Did I mention there were jello shots?? .

You can't see it in the picture, but one of the absolute best things about the MGM pool is the lazy river, or as Erin said, "Where's that stupid creek you were talking about?" Admittedly, it was a little Jersey-Shore: lined with gentlemen of the overly Gymed, Tanned and Laundered variety. But even so, given the opportunity, I could happily have spent days floating around and around with a beer in my hand. Like a fish that doesn't swim very well and appreciates alcohol.

Our day of poolside lounging was the perfect diversion from my pre-wedding butterflies. And look, one of the groomsmen rescued a baby bird. That had to be a good sign, right??

We finished Friday evening with a late dinner at Emerils (excellent food, highly recommend) and then retired early for some much-needed beauty sleep before our big day.


  1. very cute =) love your vegas story... do you live there? and i love your jersey shore comment.. haha!! thanks for stopping by my blog, girl... so nice to meet you.


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