Last Thing Thursday

It's been awhile, but I'm excited to be linking up with Jenna @ The Life of the Wife for this week's Last Thing Thursday!

The Last Thing I...

BOUGHT and loved:
Intensive Hair Repair Masque by DermOrganic. I love hair products with Moroccan Argan Oil. They do a great job of taming frizzies without weighing my hair down!


Smashbox lip gloss in Pomegranate. The pretty red shade lasts longer than most of the glosses I've tried, and is beyond moisturizing.

BOUGHT and hated:
Almond Joy Pieces for the plane ride home from Long Beach. They are no match for the original candy bar and sooo not worth the calorie splurge!

Lots of magazines: Self, Glamour, Marie Claire...I've been in the mood to keep it light.

PINNED on Pinterest and actually made:
Low-carb, gluten-free cheddar biscuits. Girls, I need to lose a little cruise-weight before the wedding next month. Can I get an Amen?

Got TEARY over:
Those ASPCA commercials on Animal Planet. You know, the ones where the dogs and cats look so sad it just breaks your heart?? Dislike!

Got EXCITED about:
Lunch with my bff and this pretty little lady with the deliciously chubby knees:

FREAKED out over:
Well, it's like this. I was rocking out to the single Boyfriend. Then I found out that it is, in fact, a Justin Bieber song. Oh no.

Happy almost-Friday! Now, go on over and link-up!
The Life of the Wife


  1. new follower!happy almost friday to you!

  2. Thanks Elise! Can't wait to check out your blog :-)

  3. Oh I totally agree with you on the almond joy pieces. I was totally pumped to try them and then majorly dissapointed.

    Hehe, that was the last song I listened to as well. I don't really like him, but I like the song anyway. :)

  4. Bahaha I was just cringing at the fact that I JUST LOVE that dang song. Seriously. Why is it so catchy!!? Curse you Bieber!! :)

    Thanks for linking up again!!!

  5. Try the Rolos! Yum. Sorry that didn't help the cruise-weight dilemma. Try Zumba - major calorie burner and so fun. Can you say dance partay!?!


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