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Hello lovelies!

I'm back from our girl's cruise, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my blog (and a mountain of laundry!)

It was a great week -thanks to my friend Chris who organized the trip- and created these genius nametags:

Our first evening was "neon night."  And I'm not talking about neon of the trendy Brian Atwood variety. I'm talking crazy wigs, feather boas and rainbow legwarmers. It may have taken a little Dutch Courage to get me out the door, but it turns out that wearing a pink tutu in public and not giving a d*mn what anybody thinks is a surprisingly liberating experience!

The next day we stopped at Catalina Island where we took a scenic golf cart tour...

 ...did a little bar-hopping, and of course souvenir shopping! I couldn't resist this beaded cuff:

For formal night, 8 of us girls sported LBDs and the other 8 rocked sparkly ties and men's dress shirts. My "date" was pretty hot!

At Ensenada most of us stayed on the boat and tried to catch a few rays of the stubborn sun.

We crammed lots of fruity tropical drinks, shopping, dancing, karaoke, bingo (oh yeah, I said bingo) and waaay too many carbs into our little vacation. But before I knew it, the trip was over and I was back home (to a nice clean house--thanks babe!) and back to real life. Why do vacations always fly by so fast??

Have you ever taken a cruise? What did you think?


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