Bachelorettes and Spray Tans

We're starting the final countdown to Vegas (woop woop!) and the wedding is less than a week away. Most of the loose ends have been tied up (in a frenzy of navy and lime green ribbon) and the packing is nearly done. All that's left is one day of work and a round of manicuring, pedicuring and spray tanning!

In the spirit of wanting some great pics for this coming weekend (and secretly wanting to upgrade my blog photos) I splurged and finally bought myself a real, grown-up camera. It's not the Canon Rebel T3i I had been lusting after, mind you, but the Nikon 3100 that ended up coming home with me is a huge step up from my point and shoot. I'm in love with it already! I can't wait to learn about shutter speeds, aperatures and all that jazz.

Last weekend my lovely bridesmaids and MOH threw my bachelorette party.

Chris blinged up this tank with her Bedazzler skills,
and Erin created my hat/veil combo :-)

A couple girls arrived late, but this is most of the crew...
We started the night with dinner and margaritas at a Mexican restaurant, and then spent the rest of the evening at the Saddlerack, a country bar complete with a shot chair, live bands and a mechanical bull.

My futue mother-in-law is a BadAss.

The girls presented me with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs...

and a check list similar to this one at the beginning of the evening:

Thank goodness for Dutch Courage, cause we checked most of those babies off!

   Speaking of bachelorettes, I just finished watching this week's episode of The Bachelorette and 1. I
realized I have a total girl crush on Emily and 2. did anybody else notice how orange a lot of the bachelors were looking?? I hope my spray tan doesn't turn out like that!

Ciao for now Bellas!

Send Something Good Link-Up

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It's time! The Send Something Good Project link-up is here! If you haven't heard or read about this awesome-sauce package swap yet, check out this post from April.

I received my lovely package from Mandy over at Grace and Viola. She is adorable and has a great sense of style! Check out some of the cool things she sent, and then go on over and check out her blog!

First of all, will you just look at this:

There really are no words. Just a big, happy sigh.

And how cute is this pillow??

The package also contained a passport holder, a super-soft t-shirt and these goodies:

The Poppy Extract from Royal Apothic smells amazing. Thank you Mandy!!

My recipient was Gabriella from Design Muse, another fab blog. I love her eye for color! I'm nowhere near her level when it comes to taste and style, so my package included some locally made goodies (cabernet fudge, oatmeal and honey soap) brightly colored earrings and a few other things I hoped she'd like.

I had so much fun with this project! An excuse to shop on the one hand, and a surprise package on the other. Win! Thanks again to Gentri Lee, Kaitlyn and Kristy for all the time and effort they put into organizing everything!


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Holy stressballs Batman!

Am I really getting married in 18 days??

Talk about a huge life change for this 35 year old single gal! No more having to do my own tax returns?? Sign me up!

As far as the stress goes, I  exaggerate. Basically, Vegas = what stress? Planning a destination wedding through MGM has seriously been easier than putting together my bestie's baby shower. (This may or may not have something to do with the number of fancy pink and green pom poms required for said baby shower.) What little stress I've had to deal with on the wedding front has been easily absolved through strategic use of dark chocolate and the occasional splurge of coffee with whipped cream 'n honey.

Now that it's crunch time we're down to the nitty gritty of details and decision making. We got tons accomplished this weekend: ordered the guys tuxes, picked out our wedding bands (I got off waaay easier than he did with that one...yay me!!) and finalized most of our ceremony details from music to flowers via a simple order form. Easy-peasy!

The bigger deal for me, at this point, is that a part of my identity is shifting. After all the years of being Miss Independent (17 in fact, since I moved out to my very first crappy, low-buck apartment at 18) and everything that entails: adventures and misadventures in the dating world (and girl, do I have stories!) managing, and -let's just be honest here- more often mismanaging my own finances, and in general being responsible for and answering to no one but myself...I am about to take the plunge. Or as Travis puts it, "you're about to be stuck with me babe."  As if I'd gone free-bird all those years only to settle. Ha! No, I know how lucky I am to have found my soul-mate, someone who knows me better than I know myself, pushes me to be a better person and loves me unconditionally (or with only the small condition that I be the one to turn on the Keurig in the morning.) And he doesn't even snore. We just fit.

Single is how I've always known myself. It's as much a part of my identity as the fact that I have blue eyes and am exceptionally un-tall. But I'm finally ready to explore a new identify. Wife. That's going to take some getting used to.

Last Thing Thursday

It's been awhile, but I'm excited to be linking up with Jenna @ The Life of the Wife for this week's Last Thing Thursday!

The Last Thing I...

BOUGHT and loved:
Intensive Hair Repair Masque by DermOrganic. I love hair products with Moroccan Argan Oil. They do a great job of taming frizzies without weighing my hair down!


Smashbox lip gloss in Pomegranate. The pretty red shade lasts longer than most of the glosses I've tried, and is beyond moisturizing.

BOUGHT and hated:
Almond Joy Pieces for the plane ride home from Long Beach. They are no match for the original candy bar and sooo not worth the calorie splurge!

Lots of magazines: Self, Glamour, Marie Claire...I've been in the mood to keep it light.

PINNED on Pinterest and actually made:
Low-carb, gluten-free cheddar biscuits. Girls, I need to lose a little cruise-weight before the wedding next month. Can I get an Amen?

Got TEARY over:
Those ASPCA commercials on Animal Planet. You know, the ones where the dogs and cats look so sad it just breaks your heart?? Dislike!

Got EXCITED about:
Lunch with my bff and this pretty little lady with the deliciously chubby knees:

FREAKED out over:
Well, it's like this. I was rocking out to the single Boyfriend. Then I found out that it is, in fact, a Justin Bieber song. Oh no.

Happy almost-Friday! Now, go on over and link-up!
The Life of the Wife

Back to Reality

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Hello lovelies!

I'm back from our girl's cruise, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my blog (and a mountain of laundry!)

It was a great week -thanks to my friend Chris who organized the trip- and created these genius nametags:

Our first evening was "neon night."  And I'm not talking about neon of the trendy Brian Atwood variety. I'm talking crazy wigs, feather boas and rainbow legwarmers. It may have taken a little Dutch Courage to get me out the door, but it turns out that wearing a pink tutu in public and not giving a d*mn what anybody thinks is a surprisingly liberating experience!

The next day we stopped at Catalina Island where we took a scenic golf cart tour...

 ...did a little bar-hopping, and of course souvenir shopping! I couldn't resist this beaded cuff:

For formal night, 8 of us girls sported LBDs and the other 8 rocked sparkly ties and men's dress shirts. My "date" was pretty hot!

At Ensenada most of us stayed on the boat and tried to catch a few rays of the stubborn sun.

We crammed lots of fruity tropical drinks, shopping, dancing, karaoke, bingo (oh yeah, I said bingo) and waaay too many carbs into our little vacation. But before I knew it, the trip was over and I was back home (to a nice clean house--thanks babe!) and back to real life. Why do vacations always fly by so fast??

Have you ever taken a cruise? What did you think?
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