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Today I am thrilled to be linking up with Miss Gentri Lee, who along with Kaitlyn and Kristy have organized the Send Something Good Project. If you're not familiar with the SSG Project, it's basically like a Secret Santa package exchange. But for bloggers. And in April. So, in a word: awesome! I have to admit I'm excited. I mean, surprise mail not involving an unexpected bill is pretty much the best thing ever. Plus, I now have a whole new list of awesome blogs to check out! To make the gift exchange as easy as possible, our hostesses asked us to share a few interests. Here goes...I'll keep it simple:

**Things I love: The Short List **

- Bright colors
- Animals
- Traveling and the outdoors
- Candy
- Did I mention candy?
- Running and fitness (there's a reason this one is directly after candy. Hehe)
- All types of books, art and music

If you are reading this dear secret bloggy santa, then thanks for participating! Can't wait to get to know you! :-)


  1. hahah! Love that fitness is right after candy. haha!

  2. Candy... and Easter candy! I literally gained probably 50 pounds from Cadbury eggs..



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