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It's been quite a while since I've written any kind of fitness-related post, but I dont want you all to think I've been just sitting around on my keister. In December I posted about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). While I'm still convinced that its a crazy-efficient way to workout, it also happens to be murder on my joints. So, after a little running hiatus, during which I medicated with heavy doses of reality TV while my hips recovered (ok, so maybe there was a little sitting around on my keister) I'm back to working on what I like best: distance runs.

I don't know that I would consider myself a "runner" just yet. In fact, growing up I hated-literally despised-running. Last July, when a coworker encouraged me to sign up for Tough Mudder, I laughed. I was leading, shall we say, a sedentary lifestyle (by which I mean I was working hard to perfect my couch potato skills.) But when I tried to let Travis in on the joke, he didn't respond like I expected. He thought I should sign up. Well, that got me thinking. And, eventually, it got me running. The first couple runs saw me doubled over, sucking wind with a stitch in my side after a quarter mile. I felt like death. And I was starting to get seriously behind on important stuff like Bachelor Pad. But, as uncomfortable and sore as I felt, as I kept at it I also started to feel...good! Turns out "runner's high" isn't just some wildly exaggerated myth. Setting and reaching new distance goals kept me motivated and gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. I became a little obsessed, running 5-6 days a week. Looking back, that was probably not the smartest way to train and actually kept me from making the progress I wanted. Now I try for a more balanced approach, running two days a week and interspersing those runs with some strength training (Hellooo Brazilian Butt-Lift!) which has done wonders for my endurance. My goal now is to run 10 miles loving every step. This week I made it my farthest yet at 8.67 miles. (You better believe I'm counting those tenths and hundredths!) So I don't know if I'm a "runner" yet, but I'm getting there. And really, when you live in an area this beautiful, there's no excuse not to enjoy every mile.

We've had just a little rain recently...

Next up: master the art of running with a wine glass

I turn heads when I run!
Are you a runner? What keeps you motivated?


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