Last Thing Thursday

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This week I'm linking up with Jenna @ The Life of the Wife for Last Thing Thursdays. Fun! 

The last thing I....

Well, see, we have this leftover Easter candy I didn't want to waste....

Coffee with honey and whipped cream. A little weird? Maybe. A whole lot delicious? You betcha!!

SANG along with in the car:
Gotye "Somebody That I Used to Know."  It took me a long time to warm up to it, but now it's a total brain-worm.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Yep, I know I'm waaaay behind the eight ball on that one. Especially since I saw the movie opening weekend. Glad I finally got around to reading the book!

Did that was super PRODUCTIVE:
Spent a good chunk of time organizing my bedroom closet (which yes, also technically belongs to Travis...or at least 1/4 of it does...) and got rid of 2 garbage bags full of clothes I'm no longer wearing. Whew. That was work. Want to see a before picture? It's like scary hoarder-status.

Now I wish I had an "after" pic Lol

That made me LAUGH:
Doomsday Preppers...have any of you seen that show?? People stockpiling knives, guns and slingshots and teaching their kids to eat bugs in order to survive the choas of "dirty bombs" or "catastrophic solar flares." But then it sorta made me sad. None of the "preppers" seemed...happy.

That made me CRY:
 A news article about a father and daughter hit and killed while out for a bike ride. Aargh. I wasn't expecting to have to reapply mascara after reading the news.

That made me all WARM & FUZZY:
The YouTube video of a mama dog rescuing her drowning puppy from a swimming pool. Aaaaawww.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy almost-Friday!

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  1. That song is a total brain worm! Never heard it before but I love that phrase now! :)
    Thx for linking up--Mwwwah!



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