Thursday 13: Bucket List

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This week's Thursday 13 link-up with Aunie Sauce is "13 things of your choice." And so, I present to you my bucket list. A girl can dream, right??

Aunie Sauce

Walk on a volcano. I realize that's kinda odd, but they're so powerful and majestic. I just gotta.

Travel across Europe. I want to soak up the history, culture and yes, food of Italy, France, Spain...

Sky dive. As in, jump out if a perfectly good airplane. Possibly because I'm deathly afraid of heights/falling this particularly intrigues me.

I probably wouldn't take my car...

Become fluent in something other than English. Latin would be my first choice (uber-nerd, I know) but given that it's a dead language...maybe Spanish. Pretty sure my current repertoire of "that guy is drunk" and "please sit here and don't move" do not count as being "fluent."

Run a marathon. Preferably one involving funny costumes and/or a worthy cause. I think I can, I think I can!

Complete a triathlon. Or -let's get real here cause I'm no Kristin White- maybe a sprint tri. If only this did not require learning how to swim like a human instead of a drowning cat.

Pro triathlete Kristin White. Holy cow, look at those quads!

Learn how to surf or paddleboard. I'd be happy with either...except for the swimming part...

Become a master pool player. I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to air hockey, but my pool-skills (what skills??) are downright embarrassing.

Attend a pro-football game. Hard to believe I've never actually done this given the amount of football watched at our house. This is the year! I can feel it!

#85 is my #1!

Dinner at The French Laundry in Napa. Oh the decadence of spending hundreds of dollars on an elaborate nine course meal!

Visit Egypt: the museums in Cairo, the pyramids at Giza, the Valley of the Kings...heaven!

Hike the Lost Coast Trail from start to finish. 30 miles of gorgeous, rugged, accessible-only-by-foot California coastline? Yes, please!

Celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square. I've never been to the Big Apple. What better time to see the city that never sleeps??

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What's on your bucket list?

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