Sunday Confessional

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I may be a perfectionist but I'm far from perfect. What better day tof the week to get my transgressions off my chest??

I CONFESS: I'm a "nailbiter." Ew, gross. I know, believe me. I've been struggling with this horrendous habit off and on since third grade, and this week has been particularly bad. I really need to get this under control so I can try out the new Magnetix nailpolish by China Glaze!

I CONFESS: I'm practically in reality TV withdrawls now that The Bachelor is over! Thank goodness for my other guilty viewing pleasure: Big Rich Texas.

I CONFESS: I cheated this week. Big time. With a plate of gooey, warm, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm. SO not primal. I hope my hips can forgive me!

I CONFESS: This is a testament to my blog-naivete, but I had no idea until a couple days ago that entire forums exist just to pick on bloggers. (Insert frowny face here.) I think it's inexcusable to be so mean, especially while hiding behind the anonymity of a screen name. But, turns out that if people are bothering to talk trash about you like that, chances are you have interesting opinions or a funky sense of style that I'm into. My blogroll got a little bigger this week!

I CONFESS: One of my favorite style bloggers, Kendi Everyday, has been featuring all kinds of colored jeans lately. I had to run out and get some today. Even though I am actually physically scared of non-blue jeans and have no idea how I'm going to wear them yet!

Do you have anything to confess this week?


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