Last Thing Thursday

This week I'm excited to link up with Jenna @ The Life of the Wife for....

The Life of the Wife

The Last Thing I....

ATE: Trader Joe's Lemon Chicken Salad. In fact, I didn't just eat it, I devoured that bad boy. Yum!!

READ: (still reading to be honest) George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons. I'm pretty sure I've been reading it forever. In my defense, it is a long friggin book.

BOUGHT: Philosophy Purity facial cleanser. Because I ran out of my Clinique and really, really didn't want to go to the mall. Maybe it'll make me a convert.

WATCHED on TV: The Bachelor season finale. Courtney? Ugh.

FINALLY stopped PROCRASTINATING on: bathing my hydophobic fur-children.  Always a semi-traumatic experience, although not nearly as bad as nail clipping day.

The sad eyes of a dog who knows he's
destined for the bathtub...

GOT in the MAIL: (hooray, not a bill!) my invoice for our girl's cruise to Mexico next month. Sunshine, margaritas and Katy Perry wigs? Um, yeah!

Completely LUSTED after: long, glorious hair extensions ala Beyonce. (Babe, are you reading this?? j/k)

LISTENED toTravis singing We Are Young very dramatically, in his "girl voice", it's also the last thing I LAUGED at.

 Be sure to stop by The Life of the Wife to check out Jenna's awesome blog and link-up!
 And if you haven't entered my Birthday Giveaway yet, check it out! Happy almost-Friday! 


  1. I love the Purity is in my shower as we speak! So glad you linked-up my dear!! YAY!!


  2. You're right about Courtney... ugh!!!

  3. As I'm catching up on my blog reading, I see that you're reading George Martin - me too. I'm almost done with the 3rd installment A Storm of Swords. And you're right - they're LONG books ala Stephen King. Is the Dragons the most recent - book 5? Is it worth continuing?

    1. Hi Terrie! Yes, Dragons is #5 and the latest book, which I have now finally finished! I had been frustrated by the introduction of a bunch of new characters in book 4, but I'm glad I stuck it out. Dragons is one of my favorites from the series! Happy reading :-) jenn


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