Drab to Fab: Here Goes Nothing!

When I was a teenager, my mom decided I needed to learn how to sew. Personally, I saw it as a very special kind of torture. It's not that I was terrible at it...but I wasn't exactly a girly-girl growing up, and would have much preferred to be outside playing with the boys. Plus, there was some kind of serious disconnect in my brain when it came to sizing. If Macy's said I was a size 3, I failed to understand how McCall's could think I was a size 10.  I couldn't quite get over the mental block, and consequently, the clothes I actually finished tended to not quite fit. So...I gave up on sewing for quite a long time. A few years ago, I inherited this 20 lb. beast of a Viking sewing machine from my grandmother. (And yes, I did actually weigh it on the bathroom scale.)

I'm not sure how old it is (40 or 50 years??) but it's still in perfect working order. For this week's Drab to Fab linkup at Sugar and Spice I decided to dust it off and do a simple refashion of a dress that's been sitting in the back of my closet for, well, close to ever. I remember thinking when I bought it ages ago that it didn't fit quite right but had potential. Why do I do that?? Oh well, time to get to work!

Why, hello awkward photo! I think the messy hair and
no-makeup-face mean I was excited to get started.

The most important alteration was to bring up the dress to a more flattering length for my height (or lack thereof.) Ultimately, I decided to hem it up 3". I loved the difference made by that small change, but I also felt that the dress needed something to give it a little more visual interest, so...I added a wide satin ribbon which I tacked on either side of the waist to keep it in place.

And, voila! My first dress refashion!

Happy Friday! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here, then head on over to Sugar and Spice and join the party!


  1. LOVE love love the new and improved dress! That bow makes all the difference.

  2. I had no idea u could sew! That dress turned out awesome. I'm goin to bring all my ill fitting clothes to u to prettify jk ;) Love ya-see u next week


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