Drab to Fab: Neon

If you missed last week's Drab to Fab post, I'm checking out another spring trend this week: neon, by combining a bright new shirt with some comfy shorts from the depths of my closet. I was a little scared at first when the bright hues started popping up all over the place recently: think bad 80's flashback. Poofy hair...acid wash...nooooo! But this time around, I'm having fun with the neon trend, just in smaller doses and with more subdued nuetral shades. Caution: pale winter skin ahead...may require sunglasses!

Shirt: Forever 21, Shorts: Roxy, Belt: Forever 21, Heels: MIA, Cuff: H&M

If you're not sure about rocking the neon yet, it's also showing up in tons of fabulous accessories, shoes and polishes! Check out these eye-catchers, then head over to Sugar and Spice and join the party!

Diva Challenge: A String Thing

The goal of the Diva's Challenge this week was to create a tile using a designated "string," (in this instance, a square divided into 8 triangles). Individuals tangles were completely up to us. It was tough getting some of my tangles to blend into each other at the edges, and I'd probably make some different choices next time. But all in all, a fun challenge!

tangles: twing, bales, flukes, fricle, tortuca, opus, onamato, striping

And the Winner is...

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And the randomly-selected winner of my Birthday Giveaway is....comment #6:Teri!
Teri, I'll email you asap for info!  :-)
Thank you to everyone who participated!

I'm being spoiled this morning with homemade Eggs Benedict...yum! It's definitely making up for the cold rainy weather outside.

Hope you all are having a lovely start to your weekend!

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Drab to Fab: Pastels

There are so many fun trends to explore this spring: bold neons, color-blocking, sweet pastels, jeans in a rainbow of colors, darling maxi-dresses. I'm in love! I want to try them all, and what better time than the Drab to Fab link-up at Sugar and Spice?? Seems to me like the perfect opportunity to try mixing current trends with older items from my closet. For this week I pulled out a flowery button-up bought circa 2001, and not worn in years (seriously, I have the hardest time getting rid of clothes!) and paired it with pastel pink capris and a springy, blossom-y necklace.

Ella wants me to tell you all "hi!"

Eddy sends his love too...xoxo
Shirt: goodness only knows!
Capris: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Wedges: Merona

Have you found any fabulous pastels to wear this season?

I will announce the winner of my very first giveaway tomorrow! Thank you to all who participated!

Thursday 13: Bucket List

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This week's Thursday 13 link-up with Aunie Sauce is "13 things of your choice." And so, I present to you my bucket list. A girl can dream, right??

Aunie Sauce

Walk on a volcano. I realize that's kinda odd, but they're so powerful and majestic. I just gotta.

Travel across Europe. I want to soak up the history, culture and yes, food of Italy, France, Spain...

Sky dive. As in, jump out if a perfectly good airplane. Possibly because I'm deathly afraid of heights/falling this particularly intrigues me.

I probably wouldn't take my car...

Become fluent in something other than English. Latin would be my first choice (uber-nerd, I know) but given that it's a dead language...maybe Spanish. Pretty sure my current repertoire of "that guy is drunk" and "please sit here and don't move" do not count as being "fluent."

Run a marathon. Preferably one involving funny costumes and/or a worthy cause. I think I can, I think I can!

Complete a triathlon. Or -let's get real here cause I'm no Kristin White- maybe a sprint tri. If only this did not require learning how to swim like a human instead of a drowning cat.

Pro triathlete Kristin White. Holy cow, look at those quads!

Learn how to surf or paddleboard. I'd be happy with either...except for the swimming part...

Become a master pool player. I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to air hockey, but my pool-skills (what skills??) are downright embarrassing.

Attend a pro-football game. Hard to believe I've never actually done this given the amount of football watched at our house. This is the year! I can feel it!

#85 is my #1!

Dinner at The French Laundry in Napa. Oh the decadence of spending hundreds of dollars on an elaborate nine course meal!

Visit Egypt: the museums in Cairo, the pyramids at Giza, the Valley of the Kings...heaven!

Hike the Lost Coast Trail from start to finish. 30 miles of gorgeous, rugged, accessible-only-by-foot California coastline? Yes, please!

Celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square. I've never been to the Big Apple. What better time to see the city that never sleeps??

Last day to enter my Birthday Giveaway today! Click here to enter :-)

What's on your bucket list?

Diva Challenge: Fengle

Wow, I really struggled with the Diva's Challenge this week! It introduced a new tangle: fengle, which looked simple enough and I figured it would be no time before I had a tile I loooved. Wrong! After three failed attempts (I was all fengled-up!)  in which I could not get the tangles to flow and come together, I was just about ready to call it quits. Ultimately, I realized I had a fight on my hands that I wasn't prepared to lose. So...I gave the tangle one last try and this was the result:

tangles: fengle, tipple, finery, BTL joos, antidots, mooka

I'm glad I didn't give up on this week's challenge, although I'm clearly going to require a little more practice with fengle to keep it from kicking my butt so handily in future.

Thanks for visiting! If you haven't signed up for my Birthday Giveaway yet, you can do so here!

Sunday Confessional

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I may be a perfectionist but I'm far from perfect. What better day tof the week to get my transgressions off my chest??

I CONFESS: I'm a "nailbiter." Ew, gross. I know, believe me. I've been struggling with this horrendous habit off and on since third grade, and this week has been particularly bad. I really need to get this under control so I can try out the new Magnetix nailpolish by China Glaze!

I CONFESS: I'm practically in reality TV withdrawls now that The Bachelor is over! Thank goodness for my other guilty viewing pleasure: Big Rich Texas.

I CONFESS: I cheated this week. Big time. With a plate of gooey, warm, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm. SO not primal. I hope my hips can forgive me!

I CONFESS: This is a testament to my blog-naivete, but I had no idea until a couple days ago that entire forums exist just to pick on bloggers. (Insert frowny face here.) I think it's inexcusable to be so mean, especially while hiding behind the anonymity of a screen name. But, turns out that if people are bothering to talk trash about you like that, chances are you have interesting opinions or a funky sense of style that I'm into. My blogroll got a little bigger this week!

I CONFESS: One of my favorite style bloggers, Kendi Everyday, has been featuring all kinds of colored jeans lately. I had to run out and get some today. Even though I am actually physically scared of non-blue jeans and have no idea how I'm going to wear them yet!

Do you have anything to confess this week?

Drab to Fab: Here Goes Nothing!

When I was a teenager, my mom decided I needed to learn how to sew. Personally, I saw it as a very special kind of torture. It's not that I was terrible at it...but I wasn't exactly a girly-girl growing up, and would have much preferred to be outside playing with the boys. Plus, there was some kind of serious disconnect in my brain when it came to sizing. If Macy's said I was a size 3, I failed to understand how McCall's could think I was a size 10.  I couldn't quite get over the mental block, and consequently, the clothes I actually finished tended to not quite fit. So...I gave up on sewing for quite a long time. A few years ago, I inherited this 20 lb. beast of a Viking sewing machine from my grandmother. (And yes, I did actually weigh it on the bathroom scale.)

I'm not sure how old it is (40 or 50 years??) but it's still in perfect working order. For this week's Drab to Fab linkup at Sugar and Spice I decided to dust it off and do a simple refashion of a dress that's been sitting in the back of my closet for, well, close to ever. I remember thinking when I bought it ages ago that it didn't fit quite right but had potential. Why do I do that?? Oh well, time to get to work!

Why, hello awkward photo! I think the messy hair and
no-makeup-face mean I was excited to get started.

The most important alteration was to bring up the dress to a more flattering length for my height (or lack thereof.) Ultimately, I decided to hem it up 3". I loved the difference made by that small change, but I also felt that the dress needed something to give it a little more visual interest, so...I added a wide satin ribbon which I tacked on either side of the waist to keep it in place.

And, voila! My first dress refashion!

Happy Friday! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here, then head on over to Sugar and Spice and join the party!

Last Thing Thursday

This week I'm excited to link up with Jenna @ The Life of the Wife for....

The Life of the Wife

The Last Thing I....

ATE: Trader Joe's Lemon Chicken Salad. In fact, I didn't just eat it, I devoured that bad boy. Yum!!

READ: (still reading to be honest) George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons. I'm pretty sure I've been reading it forever. In my defense, it is a long friggin book.

BOUGHT: Philosophy Purity facial cleanser. Because I ran out of my Clinique and really, really didn't want to go to the mall. Maybe it'll make me a convert.

WATCHED on TV: The Bachelor season finale. Courtney? Ugh.

FINALLY stopped PROCRASTINATING on: bathing my hydophobic fur-children.  Always a semi-traumatic experience, although not nearly as bad as nail clipping day.

The sad eyes of a dog who knows he's
destined for the bathtub...

GOT in the MAIL: (hooray, not a bill!) my invoice for our girl's cruise to Mexico next month. Sunshine, margaritas and Katy Perry wigs? Um, yeah!

Completely LUSTED after: long, glorious hair extensions ala Beyonce. (Babe, are you reading this?? j/k)

LISTENED toTravis singing We Are Young very dramatically, in his "girl voice"....so, it's also the last thing I LAUGED at.

 Be sure to stop by The Life of the Wife to check out Jenna's awesome blog and link-up!
 And if you haven't entered my Birthday Giveaway yet, check it out! Happy almost-Friday! 

Birthday Giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen
...Drumroll please...
I hereby announce my very first

You can't really see it by looking at me, but I have some Native American ancestry. Comanche, in fact. Now, I won't pretend to know a lot about that heritage, because my family history is a ridiculously complicated tangle of relationships. But there is one particular, extra-special Native American tradition I remember learning about in gradeschool. It's called, appropriately, the Giveaway. When someone is honored at a special event like a wedding or...ahem...a birthday, they take the opportunity to show appreciation to their guests by giving away special items. This being my birth month, I thought it only fitting to celebrate by sharing with one of my readers some of the things I like best! 

Here's what's included:

  • a box of floral embellishments from Michaels...get your craft on!
  • a $10 Amazon gift card...yay for books!
  • a coffee mug from Pier 1 Imports...love the bright sunshiny colors
  • a Tarte maracuja divine shine lipgloss...I adore Tarte lip and cheek colors, and this new gloss really is divine!
To enter:

Become a follower, and leave a comment below to let me know! If you're already a follower, just leave a comment here letting me know you'd like to be entered. Good luck! The random drawing will be held March 23rd.

Primal pancakes? Yes, please!

Two years ago, I was introduced to a book called The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.  If you're not familiar with "primal," it's a way of eating that modulates your insulin levels to control your appetite and energy levels. Basically, you're eating like a caveman: focusing on lean meat, veggies and fruits, and avoiding grains and processed food.

Of course, there's lots more to it, and you can find all kinds of good info at Mark's Daily Apple. For me, "primal" was a whole new concept. I've always, always been a total and complete sugar/carb junkie. As in, seriously addicted. I have been known to eat an entire loaf of frenchbread for a meal. The benefit of Mark's diet is that it gives you lots of energy without ever giving you the feelings of being bloated, sluggish and "weighed down" like processed carbs do. It's actually amazing to discover how fab you feel when your blood sugar is consistently stable, rather than spiking up and dropping down like a Magic Mountain rollercoaster. For me, the struggle -and the reason why I sometimes lapse back into "bad" eating- is the boredom factor. Well, and the irresistable lure of warm focacia. But now that I'm back on the wagon -so to speak- I'm very excited that the primal diet is gaining in popularity and lots of yummy new recipes are surfacing.  In fact, my friend Chris has found a delicious recipe for gluten-free, low-carb cream cheese pancakes on Pinterest. Cream cheese pancakes. Oh yeah, I said it. Hallelujah! They are just as tasty and satisfying as the real-deal (maybe better!), so of course I had to share the recipe with you!

  • 4 oz cream cheese
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 packets stevia
Add ingrediants to blender, and blend until smooth. Allow bubbles to settle, then pour into hot skillet.
Makes the perfect addition to weekend brunch!

Have you ever tried a primal or low-carb diet? I'd love to hear your favorite recipes!

Drab to Fab: One Dress/Three Ways

When I saw this simple little knit sundress at Target I was excited. I actually went to two different stores to find it in my size.
It doesn't look like much on the hanger.

But the navy and cream come across as so neutral; I knew it would be crazy-versatile! Pus it has pockets. Love that. Boy, do I need that new camera though! You can see the color and print a little better here:

For today's Drab to Fab link-up at Sugar and Spice, I'm featuring my lil' Target sundress (currently still available in stores, but out of stock online) three ways.

Sweater: Bloom
Wedges: Target
Belt: Forever 21

Boots: Mossimo
Denim Jacket: Old Navy
Necklace: H&M

Cardi: Forever 21
Heels: Chinese Laundry
Silver hoops: ?
Have you found any go-to pieces for spring/summer yet? I'd love to hear about 'em!

Thursday 13: Desert Island

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This week's Thursday 13 link-up topic over at Aunie Sauce is....

13 Things You Want With You On a Desert Island

Doesn't that seem remarkably generous?? Most people ask you to choose 3 things, or maybe 5. I'm pretty sure if I'm ever stranded with the list below I'll be just. fine. So let's get to it!

I'll just go 'head and start with the obvious, shall I? If I'm ever stranded in Timbuktu, I am going to need (seriously, need) a Sonic drive-in. Or, well, walk-in. Given the circumstances, I'm pretty sure all-you-can-eat chili chees tots and a Sonic Burger would be in order.

Of course I'd need to have my Timberland trail-running shoes with me to work off all those cherry-limeades!

Matches. I'm no Girl Scout, but don't they always want you to have those?

And speaking of Girl Scouts, I'll just go ahead and add a lifetime supply of Thin Mints and Tagalongs to the list. My sweet tooth will not be denied.

iPod loaded with music is a must-have.

And my Kindle, too of course! With lots and lots of books to read.

I should probably make sure to have a high-quality moisturizer, so I don't end up looking like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

A fully-stocked first-aid kit. I can't help it. It's in my blood!

A fishing pole. Why not? I could, conceivably, get tired of Sonic.

And a Leatherman tool! So handy!

While I'm on the subject of survival, a nice tent might be in order.

With a tempurpedic mattress inside! I'm going to need a good night's sleep after all that surviving!

Of course I'm going to need Travis with me. He's not a technically a "thing" but let's face it, no way am I getting anywhere near a desert island without that guy!

Aunie Sauce

Diva Challenge: Golven

With the warm weather we've been having lately, the trees are starting to blossom and my daffodils are showing their sunny faces. Spring is in the air, and definitely on my brain! So...it seemed only natural to incorporate some flowers into this Monday's Diva Challenge: creating a tile featuring the tangle Golven, designed by Mariet, and used as a border in today's tile.

tangles: golven, cyme, jax


I started this blog 2 1/2 months ago as a creative exercise for myself, a way to exorcise (see what I did there??) some of the thoughts constantly running rampant in my brain. I had no idea what an amazing community of people I would be joining! I wanted to take a minute to say a heart-felt Thank You to all of the fabulous fashion/lifestyle/art bloggers out there for daily inspiring me to dress more boldly, live more freely, and push my own boundaries. And to those of you taking the time to read this little blog o' mine and leave your lovely comments, it means more to me than you know! So...


13 Ways I Spend My Spare Time....

Aunie Sauce
I never quite feel like I have enough spare time! Do you? When I do, here's how I spend it...
Yard work. Weird? Maybe. But I can lose hours planting flowers and pulling weeds.  I can trace this back to childhood when I used to beg my brother-unsuccessfully- to trade chores with me. Mowing the lawn vs. housework? No brainer!

Exercise. We have a love/hate relationship. Or sometimes a hate/hate relationship. But either way, the endorphins always make up for the pain.

Travel. I don't do enough of it, and I love, love seeing new places and having new experiences. And I even love the planning and packing parts! There are some super fun trips to look forward to this year: a girls cruise to Mexico, our Vegas wedding and then, hopefully Costa Rica.
Shopping. Oooh, got all giddy there for a sec, just thinking about it. If my style sense ever catches up to my shopping ability I will be such a threat!

If you are ever in Santa Cruz, you have to check out Bunny's Shoes!

Zentangle. Duh! Thanks to Erin @ The Bright Owl for showing me the ropes!

Hiking. Bar-none, one of my favorite-est things to do in my spare time. We have tons of gorgeous trails around here.
Exploring St Helena with my hiking buddy, Raf :)

Borders...One of my happy places! I used to spend time there every week browsing the bookshelves, searching for new authors and just enjoying being surrounded by all those books! Sadly, our Borders recently closed and I just don't feel the same way about the other bookstores in town.

I looove going out for dinner or drinks. There's a new upscale BBQ joint (is that an oxymoron??) in town called Sweet T's that serves great martinis and to-die-for fried chicken.

Those beer glasses were NOT all ours!
The beach...about a 45 minute drive away we have some beautiful beaches. I love going out there when I have something on my mind. The vastness of the ocean always reminds me that there is so much out there bigger than me and whatever I'm dealing with.

Beautiful Jenner 

Hooray for Bubble baths!!!

When spring rolls around, I love hitting up the Farmer's Market on weekends for super-fresh, sweet strawberries and other locally grown goodies.

Pedicures! Really, what is more relaxing than a spa-pedi in a massage chair??

Curled up in a comfy  corner of the couch with my fur-children (aren't they cute?) and my Kindle or laptop--stalking all your lovely blogs, of course! (Knew that was coming didncha?)

Eddy Valentine aka Spaghetti-O

Ella Mae aka The Skrat

How do you spend your fun-time?? Check out the fab links @ Aunie Sauce for other great spare-time activities!
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