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Ok. I've really never wanted to be one of those girls who is all wedding all the time. Which is why I've held off on updating my posts recently. I'm obsessed! But realistically, the past few days have been so over-flowing with wedding-ness that my compulsive nature is not going to let me get away with leaving it all off the blog. I'm so excited that we finally got to cross some big things off our to-do list, like officially booking our venue (MGM Grand) and restaurant reception, as well as finding and (rush) ordering The Dress and some really beautiful bridesmaid dresses for my lovely ladies. Several trips to a local bridal salon over the past week has taught me a thing or two:

1. I really like to play dress-up. (And by like I mean love.) Especially when satin, lace and Swarovski crystals are involved. (Ok, I already knew that one. I adore Halloween, and not just for the sugar high.)

This Essense of Australia dress was a front-runner, but ultimately, not The One

2. I am in love with bridal shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. Sadly, neither my wallet nor my conscience are in love with the $1200 price tag attached to my favorite pair. Happily, Ivanka Trump's line has some great options that won't put me on the I'm-totally-broke-and-only-eating-top-ramen diet.

3. Veils make me claustrophobic. Weird, right??
4. Last (and most importantly!) I am incredibly lucky to have some amazing girls and a fabulous future mother-in-law in my life, making this the absolute funnest experience ever!

So that's pretty much my week, but I promise I have a variety of non-wedding related posts coming up over the next few days. Until then...hope you all are having a fabulous and fun-filled week!

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