A New Creative Outlet

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I am not what you'd call a "crafty" person. I've tried beading, knitting, various DIY- you name it! Typically I'll make a very promising start on the project du jour, but before you know it, I've become distracted and perl'd in the wrong place, tangled my line or hot-glued my fingers together (ouch!). Occasionally I draw- mostly cartoony things- but being a perfectionist tends to suck the fun right out, so I don't do it all that often.

In spite of these failings, I feel strongly that everyone needs some type of creative outlet! As much as my job brings it's own satisfactions and rewards, it's not creative and I can feel the atrophy setting in to my poor, under-used, creative left-brain. Which is why I am so excited that my friend/ambulance partner/fellow blogger Erin at The Bright Owl is teaching a local zentangle class next week. What is zentangle you might ask? Erin answers that question (here), explaining it much better than I ever could- she is a certified zentangle teacher after all! But, to sum it up, zentangling basically consists of using a series of repeating patterns to create a picture. No, it's not doodling. It's a bit more methodical and precise than that. Check out one of Erin's "tiles." So beautiful!

One of my favorite tangles from The Bright Owl
According to Erin, this is a form of artistic expression that even a crazy perfectionist like me can learn and enjoy. Plus, it's supposed to help with stress, focus, and all kinds of healthy beneficial things. I can't wait to try it! Cheers to a new creative outlet!

What do you do to express yourself?


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