Five Fitness Faves

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I clearly don't have a problem spending money, but for some reason when it comes to shelling out for fitness gear I'm more tight-fisted than Ebeneezer Scrooge at a charity event. However, there really are some great fitness tools out there that-for a few dinero-have the potential to make your workouts a little less painful and a little more fun. Trust me when I tell you, if you're a runner, hiker or a dedicated walker, these babies are worth every penny:

1. Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS/heart rate monitor: At about $230, the price tag is a little bit steep, but you get great bang for your buck! This little gizmo records pace, distance and time, while tracking your heart rate and calorie burn. I especially love the GPS feature for trails, as it's way too hard to figure out distance from those little park maps! You can also download your data to the Garmin website for analysis/mapping although I haven't used that feature. Bonus: it's available in a pink/gray girly-version!

2. The iPod Nano has to be one of the best gifts I received this Christmas. At about 1.5" square, it is ridiculously tiny and so stinkin cute! I love the full color touch screen, the built-in FM radio and Nike fitness app. But more importantly to me, this tiny MP3 clips right onto my sports bra or tank top and never gets in the way of a workout. What a great replacement for my old-school iPod with the clunky arm band! Starting at $129 at the Apple store.

3. I love the Sprint hand-held water bottle by Nathan. I'm a total mouth-breather (attractive, I know) so even on shorter runs I tend to get that annoying parched-mouth feeling. This water bottle is the perfect solution. It holds 10oz of liquid and has a one way valve for taking a quick drink without breaking your stride.  The hand strap adjusts to a couple different positions, meaning you don't have to grip anything (love it!) and the small pocket is just the right size for keys or an energy gel. for stores.

4. Travis probably uses our GoFit foam rollers more often than I do, but I will fully acknowledge they are a safe and effective way both to warm-up your muscles before a run and to stretch them out afterward. Runner's World online feature several great videos on how to get the most benefit from your foam roller.

5. I have the hardest time dipping into my wallet for good workout clothes! The way I see it, I don't look too cute when I'm breaking a sweat anyway, so why bother, right? Lucky for me, the man in my life has my back on this one and occasionally surprises me with new gym outfits. Thanks to him I've discovered that high-performance moisture-wicking materials really do make for a comfier workout.  The Heat Gear capris and semi-fitted shirts by Under Armour are my definite favorites!

What fitness gear do you love?


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