A New Aquaintance

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32 days of pure, unadulterated gluttony, and-dare I say it?-greed (maybe not in general, but at least for all manner of sugary treats) has finally come to an end. Time to get back to running, gym-ing and eating healthy (or at least paring down on the sweets and carby goodness.)

I met the stairmaster today.  I mean, it's not like I'd never seen it before or didn't know what it was. I've actually been studiously avoiding that particular piece of butt-kicking gym equipment for most of my adult life. I preferred to spend my cardio time becoming aquainted with the crossramp and making friends with the treadmill, occasionally saying hello to the stationary bikes and completely snubbing that little corner of the room where the women always appear about to keel over with exhaustion. But, with the Fight For Air stair climb benefitting the American Lung Association coming up in March...I figured it was time. With Travis's instruction and motivation I summoned my courage. I lasted all of 10 long, painful, about-to-have-a-heart-attack minutes. But I did it! There's a strong chance stairmaster and I never become bff's. At this point I'll settle for frenemies.


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