Cookie Love

I am definitely reveling in the Christmas Spirit this winter! By December 1st, I had completed most of my holiday shopping, decorated the house, and persuaded my boyfriend to bring home the perfect little tree. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, especially to all the super-motivated go-getters out there, but given the extent of my usual procrastinations (Christmas Eve shopping trip, anyone??) I'm feeling way ahead of the game this year. Which has left plenty of time to enjoy one of the absolute best, most glorious traditions of the holiday season: cookies! I had the pleasure of attending a cookie-baking party yesterday where the girls and I made enough to feed a small army (or at least our families, friends, neighbors, and most of the local fire stations...)

Looks like I won't have any problem satisfying my sweet tooth for the next couple weeks...

I used the opportunity to try a new Betty Crocker recipe for these Strawberry Almond-Paste Shortbread Bars. Yum!  The highlight of the day though, had to be the sea-salt caramels made by the craftiest person I know: Erin, who blogs over at The Bright Owl. Soooo good!

What are your favorite holiday treats?


  1. Hi Jenn! My name is Nancy, and I follow Erin, and had to pop over and check out your blog. I love how you express yourself, and am a huge book reader/snob/worm myself. Nice to meet you!!

  2. Hi Nancy! Nice to meet you too and thank you for the kind words :-) I had to sign up for your blog as your beadwork is just beautiful!

  3. Hey there! I've been sent by Erin to check out your blog. Looks like some really good cookie eats at the swap!

    Hugs XX

  4. Hi Barbara! Love your Mo(o)re Whimsies blog. The Christmas tags are super cute!


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